Service 1: Development of software to establish proof of concept (POC)

We establish the proof of concept based on your idea, linked to the processing of images or computer vision.

We’ll carry out state-of-the-art research around your idea.

Then we supply you with a resume of the state-of-the-art based on the literature.

Then, together, we design the functions of the POC software.

Then we develop the POC software, with validation tests.

Service 2: Development of image processing software

Based on the design brief of your image processing software,

We draw up the development plan with the use of OpenCV.

Then we develop the software according to your specifications, and we test them and affect with unit tests.

Service 3: Development of a software for generating accounts software as PDFs

The Adobe PDF allows for digital documents to be easily exchanged.

For this product, we offer to create PDF files for your business.

To this end, we develop an application which registers your data and saves it in a database. Then we create your PDF file as a function of your desired model.

Service 4: Development of professional software

Based on the specifications of your professional solution, we will design the brief and develop the office software in C++.

We can develop software for all your areas of activity.

Service 5: Application mobile multiplatform

Based on your design brief, we develop your multiplatform mobile application in Flutter for iOS and Android. With Flutter, you have the same code for both platforms.

So you can put your application on Apple Store or Google Play.

Product pack

For all six of our products we deliver:

1)- The annotated source code.

2)- The executable for the application. (Windows, Apple or Linux).

3)- Flowcharts of the algorithms used.

4)- The user manual.

5)- The results of the unit validation tests.

About us

We are based in France, near to Paris. Our experience is in the development of software for image processing in C++ programming language.

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