Introduction to Faceswap:
The technique of face exchange (or ‘faceswap’) allows one face to be replaced by the face of another individual on a photo or video. It can be done manually or automatically by artificial intelligence. We’ll now explain the chief uses of Faceswap.

1- Faceswap: Simplify photo retouching
Changing faces is one of the indispensable solutions for processing an image or to save failed photos. Imagine, during the summer holidays, being reunited with your best childhood friends. On one of the rare group photos taken you can be seen to have accidentally closed your eyes. Oh, no, you really pulled a face! That will be pretty disturbing to hang as a beautiful memory in your living room. Happily, thanks to AI (artificial intelligence) and new automated methods of image processing, it is possible to swap onto your chosen photos your best face over ones where your eyes are closed.

2- Faceswap: an amusing diversion
The Faceswap face exchange is also very useful for videos. In effect, the editing software lets you cut yourself into a video clip of your favourite celebrities or artists. Would you like to really embody the dream body of Jennifer Lopez? Or to take part in The Avengers’ biggest battle inside the green skin of the Incredible Hulk? To amuse your children, or distract yourself, or to shock your friends, changing your face in a video is possible!

3- Faceswap: the indispensable cinema tool
It’s technology at once fashionable and fun. And you should know that it has become an indispensable tool for audio-visual art. Before, it was always a headache to adapt films into multiple languages, always remaining as faithful as possible to the original dialogue. From now on, audio-visual professionals can adapt the movement of the actors’ lips in order to offer synchronized multilingual dubbing. This technology is frequently known by the term ‘deepfakes’ and it is what allows the dubbing process to be inverted. As a result, it’s the mouth of the actor which follows the words, and no longer the other way round.